Terms And Conditions:

All Bookings for bogdancleaning.ie services are made on these Terms and Conditions only to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions, whether written or oral. No alteration to the Terms and Conditions is valid unless contained in a letter signed on behalf of the company by an authorised signatory.

Pricing & Payment Terms

Payment must be made to Bogdan Cleaning Ltd. immediately upon completion of the service.

Once off clean customers may pay with cash, cheque or online with credit card.

Price of work will be agreed before commencement of the job.

All prices are subject to change.

Cancellations / Non Attendance / Refund Policy

Jobs booked outside the Dublin area we will require payment at the time of booking. 5 days notice of cancellation will be required. 100% refund will be given if the required 5 days notice is given. Refunds of 50% will be given on cancellations made within 3 working days before the date of the job. There is a no refund policy for jobs (outside Dublin) cancelled within 48 hours before the date of the job.


Any issues or complaints should be communicated to us within 24 hours of completion of the cleaning job. Any complaints received after 24 hours will not be entertained. Bogdan Cleaning will endeavour to ensure that all your concerns and complaints are resolved quickly and amicably.

Health and Safety

In order to protect our employees, they are instructed not to enter an environment they consider to be unsafe, dangerous to health, or inoperable for any reason, but are instructed to withdraw from the premises and to report the problem.

Once Off Cleans

The customer should provide all necessary and correct information in relation to the size and condition of the property at the time of booking. Prices quoted on our website and the special offers listed are based upon standard sized houses. 3 bedroom houses can vary in size from 1200 sq f or 3000 sq f. Obviously larger than average houses will take longer to be cleaned so extra charges will be incurred, this will be agreed before commencement of work.

The customer should specify at the time of booking if they have a preference for eco products instead of normal chemical cleaners. It not specified normal chemical cleaners will be used.

The customer should remove all items from kitchen presses in preparation for the cleaning job. Rombis Cleaning will not clean inside your wardrobes for privacy reasons, unless specifically requested to do so.

It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that there are no impediments to the cleaning staff i.e. unfinished building jobs, too much stuff around etc, it will slow us down so additional costs will be added.

The customer should be aware that carpets/upholstery cleaned by us will require drying time, in some cases a couple of hours..

The customer should provide us with water and electricity to enable us to complete our cleaning job, if not available please let us know in advance.

Prices cannot be reduced for reasons unconnected to Bogdan Cleaning (painter not ready,window not fitted,floors not fitted,etc).

If the customer requests additional jobs not requested at the time of booking we reserve the right to refuse if the equipment needed to do the additonal jobs is not available to us.

An insurance certificate will be provided upon request.

The customer should advise in advance if the building has no parking.

Prices quoted are for cleaning and supply of cleaning products. Rubbish or other waste materials can be collected and disposed of but there will be additional costs.

It is our responsibility to provide an invoice for work done.

Window cleaning- we will agree in advance who is to provide the cleaning equipment. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that all the conditions are ok for us to do the job (access to working area).

We do not get involved between estate agencies and tenants. The person who makes the booking is the customer and the person who we expect to pay fo the job (unless otherwise agreed in advance). Payments required on completion of the job (cash,cheque,bank drafts or creditcard).

We cannot wash walls unless the paint on the wall is washable! If the paint is not washable we will not do the job but we will charge for it.

Oven Cleaning – customers are advised to put the oven on for 30 min after the clean. Please do not use the oven before our cleaners finish the clean or within 1 hour of commencement of cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning- we cannot clean oil or paint from your upholstery.

We do not charge for estimates.

Bogdan Cleaning will always provide its own cleaning products and equipment (unless otherwise agreed in advance).
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